Posted 1st January 2021

updated 7th march 2022




The Upper Denkyira East Municipal Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) manages disasters within the municipality through education, hazards Identification, hazard mitigation, coordinating, responding to disasters and its related issues and issuing out a relief items to disaster victims.


The objective of the organization is to manage disasters and similar emergencies and to develop the capacity of communities to respond effectively to disasters and emergencies


Functions of the organization

To achieve the objective of the organization

  1. The organization is responsible for the implementation of the government policy on disaster prevention, disaster risk reduction and climate risk management and of international, national, regional and district disaster management plans.
  2. The organization is responsible to prepare, co-ordinate, monitor and update disaster management plans.
  3. Is the responsibility of organization to identify, map up hazards and monitor the hazards.
  4. Is the responsibility of the organization to collaborate with communities and relevant institutions through the dissemination of information to educate the public on human activities most likely to cause disasters in the country, the hazards and natural disasters likely to affect the various regions in the country, the actions to be taken in the event of any degree of a disasters, the control and relief measures most likely to be taken by the government, the necessity of the public to co-operate with designated authorities when a disaster occurs, and disaster prevention rules and regulations and correlative sanctions.
  5. Is the responsibility of the organization to advise the government on matters that relate to disaster and emergency prevention rules and regulations and their correlative sanctions.
  6. Is the responsibility of the organization to facilitate the development of communities and community based organization to respond effectively to a disaster, and to improve their livelihood through social mobilization, employment generation and poverty reduction projects.
  7. NADMO is to collate and preserve data on disaster in the country.
  8. NADMO is to analyze and disseminate relevant information on disasters to the public.
  9. NADMO is to ensure the effective flow of the information on disasters between the national, regional and district levels of Governmen