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Programme started @ 11:00am, venued at Dunkwa Main Lorry Station and Chaired by Okofrobuo Dr. Nana Obeng Nuakoh(Chief of Dunkwa). in attedance was Nana Kwame Kumah (Mbradan Chief:representing Denkyira Traditional), Nana Gyakye Annim(Chief of Amoafo and Denkyira Abakomah, Works Electrician), Other Chiefs, the MP, MCE, MCD, Presiding Member, MUSEC members, Central regional chaire - CoDA, EASOSE COM LTD-the Contractor, The Media, Some Assembly Members, Reps From NPP, Drivers Unions, Heads of Departement/unit, Staff of the Assembly, Market Women and some people within the Dunkwa township.

The MCE elaboated Purpose of gathering:
''Engagement of the puplic on works of the Dunkwa main Lorry station''

He said the development of the Main Lorry Station by the assembly has always met constraints and had led to Court Order in selling three of the assembly vehicles which has affected the assembly negatively.

He siad the MP helped in signing of contract and drainage works was to start last year December 2022 which was also met with Court Injunction but has been lifted and works have begun.

He added that the project has faced lot of constrains such as Court Injuction and Heavy resistance.

He also said the poor condition of the Station was not encouraging especially during rainy season which created inconvinience to drivers, passengers, businesses, market women etc.

He pleaded all must accept and cooperate with the ongoing works for it's success and gave thanks to God and requested prayers for completion of the project.

He noted that the project was being done by Costal Developement Authority (CoDA) and EASOSE COM LTD is the contractor for the drainage system and Pavement works.

He remarked that the MP has been the Big Brain behind the project and paying for 311 culvert pipes and other misceellaneos cost  in the project.

He said

1.EASOSE COM LTD has already started woorks on Drainnage

2. Grading, grounding and pavement works will continue

3. Stores building etc

Dr Festus Awuah Kwofie MP for UDE, also added that:
.... With the strength of God he will complete the project.
....Talks with several companies failed
.. .Talks with the contractor: EASOSE COM LTD :Mr Osky succeeded for the project.
... Natioanal archives proves the station land belongs to the assembly and that the project will go on to success: the reason for lifting of the Court Injuction in July 2023
... Consultation with Some Denkyira's have agreed to help build the stores
... The BoT contract for stores will be less than 30years: interested persons should bid and help

Mr Quansah: Central regional chair CoDA also applauded MP & MCE of their consistent and unrelenting effort in signing the contract.

HE added that, the cost of the project was GHC3.5m 

EASOSE COM LTD :Mr Osky also added that in a month Drainage works will be completed for grading and pavement block works all things being equal


Eng. Geroge Walker Head of Works Department of the Assembly also gave datailed explanations of the drawings.


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